Sonja Champness

Since 2010: Speech-Language-Therapist at the Regional Department of Speech-Therapy Services Gelterkinden, Baselland. Focus on early stage, young children.

Intense qualifications on problem-solving strategies with humor and provocation in therapy with José Amrein, Lucerne.

Continous qualifications on participation in Speech-Language-Therapy congresses and courses.

2006-2008: Speech-Language-Therapist at the Childrens Hospital in Basel (UKBB).

2004-2006: Speech-Language-Therapist at the Language Healing School for children with Speech Impediments Uznach, kindergarten and primary school.

2002-2004: project works as Speech-Language-Therapist at the Speech-Therapy Services in Basel, Trimbach (SO), Linth Region (SG) and for the Curative School Olten (special education).

1998-2002: Studies for Speech-Language-Therapy at the Institute for Special Pedagogics and Psychology at the University of Basel.

During this time I gained plenty of valuable experience in stages and other projects over severeal months. Experiences at these stations influence my work until today:

Social-Pediatric-Centre at Lichtenberg Clinic, Berlin, Germany

Ward of Premature Babies, Pediatric Clinic, Karlsruhe, Germany

ORL/ENT- Ward, Hospital Karlsruhe, Germany

REHAB Basel, Clinic for Neuro-Rehabilitation and Paraplegiology

Speech-Therapy Services Basel